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Adhana Mac

is someone whom has never stopped serving our country. In fact, she is a prominent Board Member of SAPA which is the Society of Army Physician Assistants. They are a non-profit organization that is is a civilian organization representing and supporting the US Army Physician Assistant, including Former, Active, Retired, Reserve, National Guard, Federally Employed and Civilian PAs. The Society's goals are to provide a forum for discussion, representation with the AAPA, and to provide high quality, low cost CME to the Society's members and to the PA profession.

Yasira Williams

is a Serial Entrepreneur who specializes in Education & Food. She joined the program after seeing what I was doing with my content & has been consistently growing making more progress in her business ever since!

Wisdom Born

is a Life Coach that focuses on your inner health. If we are not working on removing the toxins in our lives, what will come out are traces of unhealthy habits & that's everything. She will help you in each of the main Chakras in your life so nothing is left behind.

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